MV Center for Education and Training (MVCET, formerly ACE MV) is the Island’s center for education, meeting the needs of Martha’s Vineyard residents and strengthening the economy and culture of our Island.

As a 501-c-3 non-profit organization, MVCET contracts with agencies and higher-ed institutions to fulfill education needs for individuals and professionals. We are funded by tuition (which we always strive to keep affordable); by grants from the six Island towns; from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; from private foundations; and by donations from year-round residents, summer residents, and visitors eager to support the Martha’s Vineyard they love.

MVCET provides opportunities to earn a certificate, license, or degree in a number of economic sectors, allowing Vineyard residents to pursue advanced learning without leaving the Island. We are also a platform for individuals to learn about and discuss current events and community concerns, hosting panels, lectures and workshops that educate and inspire. Our new and innovative pilot MV Community College Consortium is removing barriers for Islanders to earn an Associate’s Degree on-Island, made possible by our expanding partnerships with Bristol Community College and Cape Cod Community College.

MVCET remains committed to developing and launching new programs that benefit our Island’s people, land and waters, constantly renewing and expanding our partnerships both on and off-Island to bring our residents educational opportunities to grow and thrive.

Our Vision

We envision a Vineyard community which is economically and culturally rich—whose youth and adults are independent, self-confident and have the ability to achieve professional and personal goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Vineyard residents and workforce with learning experiences that enable them to thrive through skill building, professional development, credentialing, and life-long learning.



“This [engineering hoisting license] means so much to my career here on the island.”

“ACE is a magnificent resource on the Vineyard and we are lucky to have such variety and expertise available locally.”

“Our instructors were fantastic – very knowledgeable, very approachable.”

“What a godsend to have college credit courses on MV.”

“ACE MV is perfect for the working person. I’ve been able to pursue higher education and continue working.”


“ACE MV goes above and beyond with their continued support for the M.Ed. students.”

MEREDITH G., Graduate of ACE MV's Masters of Education program in partnership with Fitchburg State University
“I praise the folks at ACE MV for making continuing education courses so readily available and easy for Island businesses and their employees. It can be hard to commit the time and money to achieving certain goals and the credentials that are so very important to the safety of the workplace and to the issues of liability in construction. The courses I’ve taken and the professional licensure I’ve received as a result of those classes have been invaluable.”


The Impact of MVCET


In 2022, we prepared 125 Vineyarders to earn certificates or licenses; 22 earned graduate credits


In 2022, 323 students enrolled in learning opportunities with their neighbors and colleagues.


Since our 2008 inception, we’ve offered 1,287 classes and programs to Islanders.


We’ve served 8,343 Vineyard residents with classes and programming since we opened.