Nursing Assistant Training

Why train to be a nursing assistant?

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) are currently in high demand on Martha’s Vineyard, and the need is projected to continue through the next decade. CNAs provide an invaluable service and play an important role in caring for elderly or disabled patients. In the growing field of health care, the ability to provide compassionate, responsible assistance to incapacitated people is a needed skill. Nurse Assistants find employment in nursing homes, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities, or as home health aides, working directly with patients and under the supervision of Registered Nurses or Licensed Nurse Practitioners.

Please note that this training program does not include the certification exam. Students are responsible for taking the certification exam on their own. There is no guarantee of employment.

Update March 2022: This program is currently on hold. All past applicants will be placed on an interest list and will be contacted when the program resumes.

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