Start your associate’s degree on-island!

In Fall 2022, the following core college courses will be held on-Island towards earning an Associates degree from Bristol Community College:

English Composition: College Writing (ENG 101) – This 3-credit course will help you develop and reflect on your own process of writing through various stages of planning, composing, revising, and editing. In addition, you’ll learn how to formulate and support a thesis using a number of rhetorical strategies, to engage in the research process and to practice critical reading strategies for the purpose of documenting credible sources to support claims.

Integrated Reading & Writing (ENG 091) and Composition I Studio (ENG 092) – When taken together, these courses that are often referred to as “developmental English”, will prepare you for college-level English.

College Success Seminar (CSS 101) – This course facilitates your transition to college. Become familiar with the college’s resources and make meaningful connections with faculty, staff, and support services, as well as develop academic career goals, and build financial literacy.

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