MVCET could not provide the certificate, license, and degree programs that we do without the financial support we receive from individual donors, family foundations, and business sponsors.

A donation in any amount is appreciated and used to support our programming efforts for all members of the Vineyard community, providing positive impact across ages, cultures, and borders. We are grateful for all of our supporters, many of whom are listed below.

To find out how you can help, visit our donation or sponsorship pages.


Grantor Amount Fiscal Year Support For
MV Youth $30,413 2021 Career Pathways Initiative
MV Bank $2,000 2021 Educator Training
Santander Bank $10,000 2021 Career Readiness and Financial Literacy
The Edey Foundation $15,000 2021 Marine Science Education
Farm Neck Foundation $3,000 2021 Workforce and Trades Education
Cape Cod 5 Bank Foundation $3,000 2021 Workforce Education
Couch Family Foundation $20,000/2 years 2020-2022 Developing ACE MV’s Career Pathways Initiative for MVRHS Juniors
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MASSCEC) $65,000 2020-2022 Offshore Wind Tech Certification Program for Martha’s Vineyard residents
MV Community Foundation (MVCF) $1,900 2021 Medical Interpreter Program
MV Community Foundation (MVCF) $8,000 2020 High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) and Adult Basic Education programs
MV Community Foundation (MVCF) $7,500 2019 High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) and Adult Basic Education programs
MV Community Foundation (MVCF) $5,000 2018 Board Development & Education
MV Community Foundation (MVCF) formerly Permanent Endowment for Martha’s Vineyard $5,000 2017 Business Administration Track
Mass Cultural Council
MV Cultural Council
$495 2020 Lectures on Living & Working on Martha’s Vineyard
Cape Cod 5 Bank Foundatio $3,000 2020 Enrollment Software
Farm Neck Foundation $3,000 2019 Landscaping and Trades
Farm Neck Foundation $2,500 2017 Landscaping and Trades
Farm Neck Foundation $2,000 2015 Community Needs Assessment
Vineyard Golf Club $10,000 2018 High School Equivalency Test (HiSET)
Vineyard Golf Club $10,000 2016 High School Equivalency Test (HiSET)
Martha’s Vineyard Women’s Empowerment Fund 2017 Endowment and programming for women

Individual Donors

Multiyear Commitment from Anonymous
Multiyear Commitment from Anonymous
Cecile H. Murphy Charitable Foundation
Leigh B. Smith
Sam Feldman
for Youth Internship Program
Carol B. Kenney
David Forbes
Steve Bernier & Constance Messmer
Donald R. Leopold
The John S. & Amy S. Weinberg Foundation
Gretchen V. and Samuel M. Feldman Private Foundation, Inc.
Judith H. Miller & Roland Miller
Richard & Ina Andre
Norm & Franny Werthwein
Sam & Laura Hart
Gerald & Linda Jones
Kathy & Derrick Teel
Nancy Hoffman & Bob Schwartz
Pamela S. Brock
Alfred & Jill Woollacott
Tess & Kib Bramhall
Heidi Feldman & Curtis Friedman
Alan Brigish
In memory of Joyce Brigish
Hunter Moorman & Leslie Gray
Barbara-jean & Claude Chauvin
James & Deborah Athearn
Morning Glory Farm
Angel Morris
In honor of Pam Brock
Elliott Kronstein
Andy & Onnie Palmer
Arnie Reisman & Paula Lyons
Dr. Deirdre A. Ling & Mr. Edward H. Russell
South Mountain Company Foundation
Wiet & John Bacheller
Ron Dagostino
Dorothy Gregory & Shannon Carbon
In memory of Pat Gregory
Gregory Palermo
Elaine & Daniel Pace
Gretchen Mayher
Cheryl Doble
Michael Jacobs, MD & Patricia Jacobs
Nan Bacon
Nevenka Kovacevich
In Memory of Glen Edmonds
Jonathan V. Snyder
Atheline Wilbur Nixon
Marie Louise Rouff & R.P. Levine