Bringing higher education access to Vineyard residents

The Martha’s Vineyard Community College Consortium (MVCCC) is a new and innovative partnership between the MV Center for Education and Training (MVCET–formerly ACE MV) and regional community colleges. Through this program, Vineyard residents and high school graduates will be able to access:

  • An Associate’s Degree pathway with college credits in gen-ed courses (such as English 101, Intro to Sociology) that will transfer to any Massachusetts public college or university
  • Credit-bearing Career Certificates (such as Early Childhood Education, Medical Assisting) that will lead to careers in areas such as health care, business, green jobs, sustainable agriculture, and social services*

* Other workforce education that is agency or state-approved, such as Electrician Training, Nurse Aid Training, EMT License, Construction Supervisor License, etc., is provided by MVCET’s Workforce Program.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Wrap Around Support for Learners to increase student success and build confidence
  • Quality Instructors from colleges and Island adjuncts
  • Internships, Mentors, and Apprenticeships with community partners
  • An Island-Based Home or facility where learners can gather

Meeting A Critical Need

Martha’s Vineyard is nearly a higher educational “desert.”  Islanders need and deserve more affordable public options for higher education. Many must leave the Island and will drop out. This national problem is reflected locally on Martha’s Vineyard. Of the MVRHS graduation cohort of 2012 (156 students), only 37% obtained a 2- or 4-year college degree within 6 years after HS graduation—5 points below the MA average.

Since 2015, MVCET has offered certificates and licensure preparation to meet Island workforce needs. Regional community colleges are recognizing that Martha’s Vineyard has a student population worthy of investment. This, plus an urgent need to up-skill the Vineyard’s workforce and the prospect of tapping into state and federal funding, make this program both critical and timely.

Wrap-around Support for Students

MVCCC will provide these services to increase completion success:

  • In-Person classes
  • Peer cohort learning experience
  • Study space
  • Academic tutors
  • Volunteer mentors/coaches
  • Childcare
  • Transportation (bus passes) as needed
  • Brazilian Portuguese language liaison (pending Pilot)
  • As community college students, enrolled Vineyarders will have access to financial aid and all services provided by the college

Outreach and Demographics

Our outreach will prioritize:

  • Wampanoag Tribe
  • Brazilian community
  • NAACP and African American Community
  • Veterans
  • Isolated and disconnected youth, young adults
  • High school graduates


Youth ages 18+ and mid-career & older adults seeking to up-skill or change careers

Next Steps

A full-scale Consortium offering a wide range of community college and career programs will require several years of work. While that is underway, MVCCC is ready to pilot new college partnerships providing foundational courses with wraparound services this year.

MVCCC Pilot Goals

  • Partner with Bristol and Cape Cod Community Colleges
  • Engage businesses and employers for internships
  • Recruit instructors, tutors and mentors
  • Identify public funding sources and secure donors
  • Determine feasibility
  • Evaluate the Pilot
  • Launch a campaign to fund long-term success
  • Secure venue for classes
  • Deliver the Pilot year’s courses

Initial Classes

MVCCC’s college partners, Bristol Community College and Cape Cod Community College, are working with us to offer the following classes for Vineyard residents and high school graduates. These transferrable core classes will form the foundation of an associate’s degree or certificate.

 College-Credit Pilot Classes:             

Semester 1

  • ENG 091 Developmental Writing I
  • ENG 092 Development Writing II
  • ENG 101 English Composition
  • CSS 101 College Success Seminar
  • ECE 110 Child Growth & Development
  • BIO 132 Intro to Marine Biology
  • EGR 152 Fluid Systems
  • EGR 281 Offshore Safety

Semester 2

  • MTH 152 College Algebra
  • COM 104 Public Speaking
  • BIO 111 General Biology
  • SOC 101 Principles of Sociology
  • PSY 101 General Psychology
  • BIO 115 Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • EGR 151 Electrical Machinery
  • EGR 283 Wind Power Technology
  • EGR 284 Wind Power Ops &Maintenance

How You Can Support the CCC

The Pilot is budgeted to cost $258,000 to cover programming, student support services, promotion, evaluation, and personnel.

You can:

  • Become a Founding Donor
  • Inform others about this new opportunity
  • Recruit volunteer mentors and tutors
  • Help identify additional funding sources
  • Volunteer expertise such as business planning, or become adjunct faculty

Contact for more info or get involved