Everything Google

3/22/2023 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM ET

2 Hour Workshop
Wednesday, Feb 22 6-8pm
Instructor: Howard Loewinger
Format: Online

You know about Google search. Maybe you use Gmail, Google’s email program and Chrome, Google’s popular browser. But do you know that Google has an app that is like Microsoft Office (Google Drive)? Do you know with Google Maps you can go to a location and “walk around” as if you were a pedestrian? Or that Google Photos allows you unlimited free storage for your photos and videos? In fact, Google has apps for just about everything and they are all free and work on any computer or mobile device. In this class we will learn some tips and tricks about Google search and then explore Google’s other apps. Bring your laptop, phone or tablet to class so you can explore yourself!

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